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Terms of Business

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Procedures for Using the Electronic Bulletin Board: Community announcements and messages can be seen on Schopeg when regular programming is not scheduled.  To qualify for placing a message on the channel, a person must live, work, attend school, or belong to a group or organization that serves or has interests in Schopeg's viewing area. Announcements must not be for profit- making purposes or for commercial use. The announcements and messages may appear on Schopeg for up to one month. We reserve the right to remove any message at any time. Deadline — please submit 2 weeks prior to start date. Please submit all request via email :      mlent@schopeg.comPosting restrictions for electronic and community bulletin boards. Information posted on Schopeg's community bulletin boards will fall into one of the following categories: A. Emergency. The purpose of this posting will be to inform residents of emergency situations and to instruct viewers in evacuation, detour, notification and escape procedures or procedures for the protection of public health and safety. In the case of an emergency, other posted information may be removed. The content of any emergency posting must be approved by the elected Official or his or her designee. B. County, regional, state and national governmental postings. This includes information regarding or produced by county, regional, state and national governments. Postings will be directly related to  governmentally sponsored programs and services available to  residents. Postings will be informative in nature.E. Other government-related postings. (1) Other government-related postings from outside sources may be posted on community bulletin boards. Postings will be screened for suitability and compliance with board purpose, objectives, access regulations, and restrictions, (2) Any posting containing the following will not be posted on the Schopeg's electronic bulletin board or community bulletin boards: (a) Paid advertising material in which commercial appeals for funds are made. Paid advertising material includes, but is not limited to, advertising by or on behalf of a candidate for public office or program material made available without charge by persons, corporations, or institutions which have a commercial interest in the subject matter. This provision shall not prevent the identification of persons or institutions providing grants or contributions or other support to underwrite the cost of programs or messages unrelated to the commercial interests of the donor or to programs or messages which have a public interest overriding the private commercial interests. (b) Copyrighted material, unless clearances for use have been obtained, and written proof of such clearance can be presented. (c) Information prohibited by applicable federal, state or local laws. (d) Information regarding candidates for any elective public office, political incumbents and persons advocating any cause, viewpoint or policy, proposed or otherwise, will not be posted. Candidates for public office or incumbents may appear on posted materials if the appearance is incidental to presentation of the subject matter; or in coverage of official  meetings.meetings. Elected Official's office staff will make every effort to ensure that any appearance by any political candidate or incumbent will abide by these restrictions.