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What is Schopeg ?
Schopeg Access, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c corporation, started in 1989 to bring the
advantages of public, educational and governmental access programming to the
citizens of Schoharie, parts of Schenectady Counties.
Our programming, serving the Schoharie county region, is broadcast on the Time
Warner cable television system channels 1301 and 1303. Programming can be
viewed on You Tube, search for Schopeg.
Schopeg has High Def. Cameras, microphones, mixers, monitors and lighting
equipment for use by the community for field production.
What does Schopeg do ?
Our mission is to enhance local communication access for the citizens of its
cablecasting area. We do this by cablecasting television programs created by
Schopeg volunteers, independent producers, students and local individuals trained
to use our equipment.  We also televise programs created by not-for-profits,
governmental and educational agencies. 
In addition, we run a community bulletin board bringing timely announcements from
local governments, hospitals, churches, and other not-for-profit agencies to the
people of the region.
Schopeg personnel teach the techniques of program development and television
production to our local schools, teachers and community volunteers. They
encourage and assist trainees in creating local interest television programming to be
televised on our access channels and it’s Internet video on demand site.
We have helped develop interactive educational programs and distance learning
opportunities. Schopeg Access is the designated access provider for fourteen
municipalities in the region served by the Time Warner cable system.
Schopeg’s web page is the source of broadcast information and broadcast time for
it’s video productions. Please visit
How is Schopeg funded?
Schopeg has or continues to receive equipment, grants and funding from:
The Appalachian Regional Commission
Local businesses
Private individuals
Spectrum Cable subscribers
Schopeg does not receive any tax monies from the counties, towns and villages
instead we receive a portion of the franchise fee paid by cable subscribers to the
municipalities thru Spectrum Cable.  Schopeg uses this money for training,
purchasing and upkeep of equipment and operating expenses.
How can you help Schopeg?
Pass the word to interested volunteers who want to learn how to tape, write, edit or
produce videos for the people of the community. Because Schopeg is a 501(C)(3)
corporation, you may support its operations with a tax-deductible donation. Become
a volunteer and help us develop more local programming. Schopeg needs and
wants your input and assistance.
What is Schopeg doing for the community
Set up six Central School television studio capabilities
Updated it’s studio and field production equipment
Tapes and broadcasts meetings of Schools, Villages and Town Boards
Televising local high school sports
Hobby and garden shows
Broadcasting bulletin board information for not-for-profit organizations
Emergency warning live broadcasts
Become a supporter and help us develop more local programming. Schopeg Access
needs and wants your input, and assistance.